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Welcome to Sexyfreak.me!

This is an international coorporation, which most specifically operates in Zurich, Milano and Budapest. Sexyfreak.me is specialized in high-quality fashion, fitness, beauty and glamour photography and high-definition video.

We are not just about taking photos and making videos, we are about to create a visual imaginary for our clients which helps to be more attractive, up to date and eyecatching for international audience.
Our mission is to go beyond established styles and produce something unique and personal for each and every client.
We offer a series of valuable and professional photography solution, such as: ⁃ We set up different kinds of photoshootings including studio photo, outside photo or special locations, personalized, unique styling, hair-styling and make-up, concerning the client`s needs and abilities.
⁃ What we love to do and why we are really special!: We organize shootings in tropical or mediterranian holiday resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico, Egypt or India. You can experience a beautiful shooting and have a great holiday at the same time travelling together with other models or even with your friends.
⁃ We use high quality light equipments, we offer digital retouch sevice through the use of specific softwears. Upon request we develope photomontages, framing, special effects and any other kind of digital elaboration.

Besides your personal portfolio you get your professional video with us. That introduces you on a more efficient way and captures of experience as a model.
We offer to cut and design your video with your personal music and turn it into a new generation videoclip.

This coorporation was founded by Brigitta Bay, formal model, formal photographer and Jean Claude Stoffel, visual designer and video editor.
Brigitta Bay was born in Hungary, studied art and her passion was fashion designing. In her early 20`s she travelled to the United States and have got the chance to see the celebrities and glamourus american lifestyle which was a dream come true for her. After her 4 years return she became a model and was featured in several hungarian magazines such as Playboy, CKM and participated in different calendars and advertising projects.
She has always been amazed by the beauty of the human body and fashion pictures.
Therefore, she decided to study in one of the most remarkable fashion school in Milan called Istituto Marangoni and graduated as a Master Fashion Photographer in 2012.
Her vision is to bring fashion photography elements into glamour photography and create a unique mix of them.
Her experience in modeling helps her to understand and assist those clients who are not quiet experienced in modelling.
Jean Claude Stoffel is from the Martinique, Carribien and Switzerland. He has a unqiue talent of visual and audio design. He is highly experienced in webmarketing and researching.
He is the one will make your portfolio or website outstanding and special with his professional, high-end videos.
Sexyfreak.me brings concepts and creative productions together which will add value to your business.

The experience starts here!

If you wanna be the girl everyone`s talking about get a session with us.!